Understanding the DMS Mailchimp Integration

Donor Management System

The DMS allows you to connect your existing Mailchimp account so that both systems can communicate with one another.

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How does the integration work?

  • The DMS will sync the Contacts in your desired Groups & Smart Groups' with your chosen Audiences and/or Interests+Groups in your Mailchimp account.
  • Synced Contacts that unsubscribe from one of your Mailchimp emails will be automatically removed from the Synced DMS Group.


  • When a Contact unsubscribes from Mailchimp, they will be removed from the Synced DMS Group, however, their DMS Contact Profile will not be marked as “Do Not Email”, nor will their Privacy Settings be updated.
  • When enabling the integration, it will not sync existing Contacts that have been added to any DMS Group or Mailchimp List in either direction. Only newly added Contacts will be synced between Groups.

Why would I want to integrate both systems?

With this Integration, you'll be able to:

  1. Continue using all of Mailchimp’s emailing features while tracking some important information in the DMS
  2. Segment your organization’s DMS Contacts using Smart Groups and automatically update your Mailchimp Audiences
  3. Track who has unsubscribed from your mass emails on Mailchimp directly in the DMS

What happens if a Synced Contact unsubscribes?

Identifying Unsubscribed Contacts

If one of your Synced Contacts Unsubscribes from one of your emails on Mailchimp, they'll be automatically removed from their respective DMS Synced Group.

The DMS Synced Group will then appear as a Past Group on the Contact Profile, under Groups:

Contact who unsubscribed from a Mailchimp Email

Adding an Unsubscribed Contact back to the Synced Group

If a Synced Contact has unsubscribed from a Mailchimp email sent through one of your Synced Mailchimp Audiences or Mailchimp Groups, the DMS will prevent you from adding that Contact to said Mailchimp Audience or Mailchimp Group.

This will prevent the decrease of your email’s reputation (resulting in more bounces and spam alerts) and is compliant with North American privacy laws.

However, you will be able to add that same Contact to the Synced DMS Group.

Adding unsubscribed MC Contact to DMS Group

How can I configure this integration?

Setting up the DMS-Mailchimp integration is a simple API Integration that can be easily configured following these steps.

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