Donor Management System

1. Getting Started

Welcome to your new DMS! Learn how to log in for the first time and navigate the features of the DMS.

2. Importing Data During Onboarding

These articles will walk you through the process of preparing your historical (i.e., past) donor data so that we can import it for you into your new DMS during your Onboarding.

4. Training Webinars

View pre-recorded training videos to learn how to perform key functions within the DMS!

5. Dashboard

Explore the features of the Home Dashboard and customize your Dashboard for your unique User Account.

9. Receipting

Learn how to issue receipts to your donors or acknowledge non-charitable contributions

10. Communicating with your Donors

Learn how to thank your donors, create mailing labels, and use DMS Mail to send single and bulk emails.

11. Opportunities

Use the Opportunities Tab to track the status of major donations, grants, or special projects.

12. Reports

Learn how to generate reports and track your campaigns, funds, and donors within the Reports Tab.