How do I Export DMS Data for QuickBooks Online?

Donor Management System

Do you use QuickBooks Online software to manage your charity's bookkeeping?  Download a ready-made Quickbooks Report from your Reports Tab and easily import your DMS data into QuickBooks Online.

Note: Do you use QuickBooks Desktop version? Check out how to import files into Quickbooks Desktop.

Export a Report

1. From the Reports Tab, select New Report.

Select New Report

2. Expand the Contributions Report Templates section, and select Contributions for Bookkeeping or Contributions for Bookkeeping (Detailed).

Select Bookkeeping Report

3. You will see default columns available. You can add/remove columns from your report as needed by toggling the checkboxes on or off.

Select your preferred Columns in your Report

4. You can also filter your Report by a specific date range (i.e. by this month or year) and any other preferred filters.

Filter your Report by Date Received or other available Filters
5. Select View Results to generate the Report based on your Filters and with your preferred Columns.

6. From the Actions menu, select Export as CSV.

Select Actions and Export as CSV

Note: If you've modified the columns and filters, you can also Save a Copy of this new Report from the Actions menu to save the Report for future uses. All saved Reports can be accessed from the Reports Tab.

🎥 Need a walk-through of the steps above? Check out this short video tutorial.

(Note: This video contains no audio).

Prepare the Report for Import

Before importing your downloaded report into Quickbooks, you'll first need to modify the file format so that it can be supported by QuickBooks Online.

The Report is exported with UTF-8 encoding, which will need to be adjusted to plain CSV format:

1. Open your Report. Navigate to the Save As option in your spreadsheet software (i.e. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets). The file type will display CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited).

Change file type from UTC-8 format

2.  Select the dropdown menu and select CSV (Comma delimited), as shown below. Select Save.

Save new file type

3. We also suggest fine tuning this report even further for QuickBooks Online by:

  • Removing any zeroes (0) from the file (you can leave those cells blank)
  • Editing the heading title "Amount" to "Credit" instead (allows Quickbooks to read your incoming contributions)

Need more information, visit the QuickBooks' website!