What's New?!

[Donor Management System] February 24th, 2022

03/08/2022CanadaHelps Success Team
What's New "Communication Method Preference Field" Under Contributions Advanced Search has now been exposed. As a charity admin you now have the option to search ( via Contributions>Advanced Search) for the preferred method of communication of you...

[Donor Management System] February 3rd, 2022

02/17/2022CanadaHelps Success Team
What's New Contribution tab now sortable by date.  Campaigns start and end date columns now sortable by date. Grouped reports for improved navigation, making it easier to find the reports you need. Further improvements to merge fields to enhanc...

[Donor Management System] January 14, 2022

02/17/2022CanadaHelps Success Team
What's New [Bulk Email] Improvements to merge fields for better user experience when communicating with your donors  Bug Fixes [Contribution] Issue that on going status when editing a DMS recurring contribution was not available now fixed.  ...

[Donor Management System] December 31, 2021

02/17/2022CanadaHelps Success Team
What's New Improvements to: [Contacts] Unsubscribe Updates to Users Email preferences When User unsubscribes from a bulk email: User's privacy settings will update to No Bulk Emails. They will not receive any bulk (or group) based emails. Unsu...

[Donor Management System] December 22, 2021

12/20/2021CanadaHelps Success Team
What's New Improvements to the PDF Tax Receipt Aggregate & In-Kind Tax Receipts now include a second page with a breakdown/line-item list of all individual Contributions! More space to fit longer donor names and addresses, eliminating line b...

[Donor Management System] December 8, 2021

12/03/2021CanadaHelps Success Team
What's New Log in to your DMS directly from CanadaHelps.org ! Add & Manage your DMS Administrators ! New help button at the right bottom of every page of the DMS with contextual guides & videos from our Help Centre! Bug Fixes [Bulk Email]...

[Donor Management System] November 1, 2021

10/04/2021CanadaHelps Success Team
Exciting new updates to your Receipting process, Contacts tab and Reports!

[Donor Management System] August 12, 2021

08/12/2021CanadaHelps Success Team
Receive inbound DMS Mail notifications, process DMS Payments faster and export contact notes!

[Donor Management System] June 28, 2021

08/09/2021CanadaHelps Success Team
New exciting additions to your Reports, Home Tab and CanadaHelps.org Contributions!

[Donor Management System] May 20, 2021

08/06/2021CanadaHelps Success Team
Add Custom Reports & Dashlets, Export Custom Data for Contacts & Contributions and more.