Adding Custom Reports (New Reports)

Donor Management System

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The DMS has Standard Reports that can be modified with Filters and Columns, but your organization may require more unique and customizable Reports. This article will cover how you can customize Reports from a selection of New Reports.

Adding a Custom Report

1. Visit your Reports Tab

2. Select New Report

New Report

3. On the next page, you will see a list of Report Templates organized by Contribution, Contact, Mail, and Opportunity

Expand your preferred Report Type

4. Select your desired Report Template section to expand all of the Report Templates within it

5. Select the name of the Report Template you want to build your New Report from

Select your preferred Report

Note: By selecting Existing Report(s), you will see all the Reports that were created from that specific Report Template.

6. Depending on the Report you've selected, you may be able to customize your New Report with specific Columns, Sorting, and Filters. After customizing your New Report, select View Results.

Customize Columns, Sorting, Filters, and select View Results

7. Once satisfied with your New Report, select Actions and then Save a Copy

Save a Copy

8. Give your new Report a Report Title. You can also choose to add this Report to your My Reports section for easy accessWhen ready, select Continue.

Give your Report a name

9. If you've added your Report to your My Reports tab, you'll see it under this heading. Otherwise, it will be saved in under the Custom Reports subsection of either the Contribution, Contact, or Opportunity heading (depending on what type of report was generated).

Expand your preferred Custom Reports heading to access Saved Reports