[Donor Management System] February 27, 2023

What's New!

You may have noticed a few new changes to the look of your DMS. Check them out below!

1. The Home tab is now your Dashboard

  •  Now, every time you log into your DMS, you'll land on your Dashboard. All of the same great features are still available, including the ability for each user to customize their Dashboard with their preferred Dashlets (mini-reports).

2. A new DMS Mail tab

  • For easier access to the DMS Mail (i.e., bulk email) tool, you can now click into it directly from the new DMS Mail tab on your main menu. You'll be brought straight to the Draft, Schedule, and Manage DMS Mails landing page where you can create your DMS mailings.

3. Your administrative Settings have moved

You can now find all of the administrative settings that were previously housed under your Administer tab, in the handy Settings section of your DMS. You can easily access these administrative Settings from any of your main DMS tabs, by simply navigating to the top right-hand corner of any page.