Finding Answers to Custom Questions from CanadaHelps Contributions

Donor Management System

Custom Questions can be added to your Custom Donation Forms in your Charity Account to gauge important information about donors giving through one of your forms.

Once you have received a Contribution through the Custom Donation Form that has a Custom Question, the Custom Question and donor answer will be synced with your DMS along with the rest of the transactional details from There are a few ways to view the Custom Questions and donor answers within your DMS.

View a Single Contribution's Custom Answer

First, you can view the details of a single contribution, including the Custom Question and donor answer.

1. In the Contributions tab, select the dollar amount of the single CanadaHelps Contribution to view the additional details.

Select the dollar amount

2. If the Contribution has been received through a donation form with a Custom Question, and the donor has provided an answer, the details will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Custom Question and Answer details

View Multiple Custom Answers at Once

To view multiple answers at once, perform an Advanced Search for these Contributions and export the results as a .csv file.

1. In the Contributions tab, select Advanced Search in the top right corner.

Advanced Search for Contributions

2. Open the Contributions subtab to reveal the Custom Question section. From the dropdown menu, select the Custom Question you wish to view answers for.

Select a Custom Question

3. Decide if you wish to see only Contributions that include an answer to the selected question, or those that have skipped the question.

Select Yes if: you only wish to see Contributions that include an answer to the selected question.

Select No if: you only wish to see Contributions where the donor decided to skip the question while donating.

Do not select Yes or No if: you wish to see all Contributions that have come through the specific donation form that houses the Custom Question.

5. After selecting Search, at the bottom of your screen you'll see Contributions that fit the search criteria (i.e., donations made through the CanadaHelps donation form with the selected Custom Question). 

6. Select all records from the search and from the Actions menuand select Export Contributions.

Export Contributions

7. On the next page, the Export PRIMARY fields option will be selected by default. Leave the selection as-is, and select Download File.

Download File

8. Once the .CSV file has been downloaded, navigate to Columns AI and AJ to view the Custom Question you've selected. In the example below, the donor processed one Contribution with an answer provided and the other Contribution without providing an answer.