[Donor Management System] May 30, 2022

Donor Management System

What's New

  • CanadaHelps Sync Improvements
    • Ticketed Events Sync: When selling Events tickets through CanadaHelps.org, you can add an Advantage and description of the Advantage. Now, any Advantage description that has been added to the Events  ticket within the transaction will sync over to your DMS to improve data tracking
    • Custom Questions from your Custom Donation FormsIf a custom question has been added to a form on CanadaHelps.org, the question and answers will sync over with each Contribution transaction. To access, follow our steps here

New Communication Preference

  • For Contacts who have explicitly consented to receiving emails from your organization, this can now be tracked using the Email Opt-In communication field. Email Opt-In is a new searchable field through Advanced Search in the Contacts tab, so that you can segment your Contact list and communicate with your Contacts with confidence

  • Add the Email Opt-In designation to your Contacts by selecting Edit on a Contact Profile and then navigating to the Privacy preferences section

New Learning Resources