How to Change Contact Type for Existing Contacts

Donor Management System

In the Donor Management System, you can change a Contact's Contact Type. This can be useful in cases where you've manually added a new Contact to the DMS and mistakenly set the Contact as the wrong Contact Type, but this Contact has data that you wish to retain (e.g., Contributions, Activities, Groups, Tags, etc).


1. You should not modify a Contact that has come from CanadaHelps, as the donor will have explicitly chosen to contribute as either a corporate donor or individual donor when making their donation via

2. Individuals cannot be changed to an Organization type while they have birth or death data in their Contact profile. You can remove this information anytime.

3. A Household Contact Type cannot be changed while they have other Contacts linked via Relationships. You'll need to first delete any Relationships associated with this Household before changing their Contact Type.

Modifying a Contact Type

1. Visit your Contacts tab in the Main Menu

2.  Use the search bar to search for the Contact you wish to modify by name or email.

3. Once found, click on the Contact's name to be brought to their Contact Profile

Search for Contact

4. On the Contact Profile, select Actions and then on Change Contact Type

Change Contact Type

     5. From the drop down menu, choose the new Contact type and Save

Select the preferred Contact Type

Note: When a changing an Organization contact type to an Individual contact type, the system will input the Organization's name in the Individual's Last Name field. Make sure to update this field with the Contact's last name this by selecting Edit