Tax Receipting Webinar

Donor Management System

Tax Receipting

This session looks at configuring your DMS Tax Receipts, as well as common tax receipting scenarios, including issuing, re-issuing, and cancelling your tax receipts.

Experience: Intermediate
Duration: 25 minutes
Pre-requisites: Getting Started

  1. Introduction to Tax Receipting in the DMS
  2. Configuring your Tax Receipts
  3. Modifying your Tax Receipt Thank-You Note
  4. Modifying your Tax Receipt Email 
  5. Issuing a Single Tax Receipt
  6. Issuing Multiple Tax Receipts
  7. Issuing Yearly Tax Receipts
  8. Re-Issuing a Tax Receipt 
  9. Voiding and Issuing a Corrected Tax Receipt
  10. Marking a Contribution as Ineligible for Receipting