DMS Login and Users

Donor Management System

Your CanadaHelps account and the Donor Management System go hand in hand! Learn how to easily jump between your DMS and your CanadaHelps charity account.

Logging Into Your DMS

To access to your DMS, you'll first need to either be a primary or secondary administrator in your charity account.

1. Sign in to your Charity account on 

2. Select the Donor Management tab

Select the Donor Management tab

3. Select Access your DMS to be taken directly to your DMS.

Access your DMS

Don't have access to your charity account yet? Don't worry! 

Just ask the main administrator of your charity's CanadaHelps account to follow the instructions in the section below.

Managing DMS Users

All of the administrators (also known as linked users) of your CanadaHelps charity account will have automatic access to your DMS. 

To add or manage your existing DMS Administrators, you'll need to do this directly in your charity account following the steps below.

Reminder: Only the main administrator of the account can add/remove an unlimited amount of secondary administrators (linked users).

1. Login to your Charity Account. 

2. Click on Account Info and then on Other Charity Administrators.

3. Fill out the contact details of your desired linked user and click Go.

Add other Charity Administrators to your charity account

Note: This person will receive an email notifying them of their addition to the Charity account, along with a link to reset their password (i.e., to select a password).

4. You'll then be able to login to your DMS by following the steps in the first section (above).

Resetting Your Password

 To change your DMS password anytime, check out these instructions.