Managing Anonymous Contributions

Donor Management System

For personal reasons, you may have some donors that wish to contribute to your organization anonymously. This article covers how to identify Anonymous Contributions from, as well as how to track any offline Anonymous Contributions in your DMS.

Types of Anonymous Contributions

You'll find three types of Anonymous Contributions in the DMS: 

  1. CanadaHelps-sourced Anonymous Contributions
  2. CanadaHelps Partners Anonymous Contributions
  3. DMS Manual Anonymous Contributions

These different Anonymous Contributions types will be tracked differently in the DMS. You can learn about each below. 

CanadaHelps Anonymous Contributions

  • Contacts who contribute using are given the option to contribute Anonymously. 
  • All Anonymous Contributions coming from CanadaHelps will be assigned to one Contact in the DMS named Anonymous
All anonymous contributions will fall under Contact name "Anonymous"

CanadaHelps Partners Anonymous Contributions

  • CanadaHelps has an agreement with a variety of corporations that allows their employees to choose to contribute to your organization. Learn more about CanadaHelps Partners here.
  • When a donor contributes using CanadaHelps Partners, they can choose to contribute anonymously. 
  • All Contributions made anonymously using CanadaHelps Partners will be assigned to one Contact in your DMS named Anonymous as part of the CanadaHelps Partners Campaign
  • You can see the CanadaHelps Partner that this anonymous donor is associated with in your CanadaHelps account.
CanadaHelps Partners Anonymous Contributions within the Contact profile

DMS Manual Anonymous Donations