CanadaHelps Campaigns vs. Offline Campaigns

Donor Management System

You can use the Campaigns tab in your DMS to track and centralize all donations pertaining to the same fundraising appeal. Donations can come from a CanadaHelps Campaign (created through or through Offline Campaigns (those that are not happening on 

This article will review the differences between a CanadaHelps Campaign and an Offline Campaign in the DMS. 

CanadaHelps Campaign

CanadaHelps Campaigns are (online) fundraising appeals that are set up through your account via one of your CanadaHelps fundraising tools, including:

  • Donation Form  –  forms embedded in your website or for a specific appeal where donors can make donations to your organization
  • Ticketed Event – forms embedded in your website where donors can purchase Event Tickets for Events hosted by your organization.
  • Peer-to-Peer Campaign (P2P) – allow your supporters to fundraise on your behalf by creating their own fundraising teams or joining as individual participants
  • Charity Profile – public profile page on where donors can make donations to your organization
  • Profile page Campaign  – a fundraising page hosted right on your Charity Profile in

When you create a CanadaHelps Campaign using one of the fundraising tools above, the DMS will automatically create a corresponding DMS Campaign with the same name.  

And, when a donation is made to any of your CanadaHelps Campaigns, that Contribution will automatically be tracked as part of that respective Campaign in your DMS. In other words, all CanadaHelps Campaign donations will sync to the corresponding DMS Campaign. CanadaHelps Campaigns will sync automatically with the DMS daily at 6:00 AM EST.

CanadaHelps Campaigns


The sync is only one way: from CanadaHelps to the DMS. In other words, any changes to your CanadaHelps Campaigns will have to be made from your charity account at 

Tip: If you receive any offline donations to your campaign (i.e., donations not directly through the fundraising tool, such as cash/cheques), you can still record these offline Contributions against the DMS Campaign so that you can get a complete, accurate picture of campaign totals, including both online and offline donations.

Offline Campaign

Offline Campaigns are fundraising appeals happening entirely outside of (i.e., not processed online) for which you'd like to track all of the Contributions coming from those Campaigns.

An example of an Offline Campaign could be a Garage Sale you're hosting, a Bottle Drive that you're running, a Direct Mail appeal you've sent out and more.

In this case, you can create an Offline Campaign in your DMS to track all of the Contributions coming from your offline appeal. 

Offline Campaigns

Note: CanadaHelps Contributions cannot be assigned to Offline Campaigns. Contributions from a CanadaHelps Campaign will automatically be assigned to its corresponding DMS campaign (i.e., the true source of the donation).

What's Next?

Now that you understand the difference between a CanadaHelps (online) campaign and a DMS (offline) campaign, learn how to create and manage these Campaigns from within your DMS.