CanadaHelps Contributions VS Offline Contributions

Donor Management System

Contributions in the DMS will track all of the Contributions being made to your organization. Contributions can come from many sources, but in the DMS we will consider two main Contribution Sources:

  • CanadaHelps Contributions and,
  • Offline Contributions

This article will review the differences between a CanadaHelps Contribution and an Offline Contribution in the DMS. 

CanadaHelps Contributions

1. CanadaHelps Contributions are donations made through any of the CanadaHelps fundraising options available in, including:

  • Your charity Profile page (and any Profile page campaigns)
  • Custom Donation forms
  • Ticketed Events
  • Peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Donations of securities
  • Donations of cryptocurrency

2. Once a CanadaHelps Contributions is made through CanadaHelps, it will be automatically tracked in your DMS under the Source: CanadaHelps

CanadaHelps Contribution, Source: CanadaHelps

3. CanadaHelps Contributions are made through CanadaHelps and distributed to your organization. As such, you will only be able to edit limited details of CanadaHelps Source Contributions and CanadaHelps will issue tax receipts for all CanadaHelps Source Contributions. 

Recurring donors with a  CanadaHelps donor account have the option to receive single or combined annual tax receipts for their recurring donations. By default, donors will receive annual tax receipts, and you will see these issued at the end of the fiscal year.

Offline Contributions

1. Offline Contributions are any donations that are not made through

2. Once an Offline Contribution is recorded in your DMS, it will be automatically tracked in your DMS as the Source: DMS Manual

Offline Contribution, Source: DMS Manual

3. Offline Contributions are made directly to your organization and you can easily issue tax receipts to all Offline Contributions using your DMS