How to Clone a DMS Mail Template

Donor Management System

The DMS has a built-in DMS Mail (bulk email tool) that can be used for your newsletters, announcements, and any mass communications with your Contacts and donors.

—> Start by learning how to craft and send a Bulk Email.

Re-Using Your DMS Mailing

Once you’ve successfully created and sent your DMS Mail, if applicable, you can save time on future mailings by re-using it.

1. Visit your Administrative Settings.

2. Under DMS Mail, select Draft, Schedule, and Manage DMS Mails

Draft, Schedule, and Manage DMS Mails

3. On the next page, you will see a list of all of your previously sent Mailings. Select Copy button to start crafting a duplicated version of your desired Mailing.

Copy template

4. This will duplicate the entire Mailing (i.e., Stages 1-3). However, you will be able to update the Subject, Name, Group recipients, and content/design of this Bulk Email.

---> Learn more about sending your Bulk Email here.

Copying a DMS Mail Template

You can also clone an existing DMS Mail Template and make modifications to it for future use.

1. Visit your Settings.

2. Under DMS Mail, select DMS Templates

Draft, Schedule, and Manage DMS Mails

2. Next, select Copy on the template you want to copy; this will open the copied template in the editor and you can proceed to modify the design.

Base Template and Configured Templates

3. Follow our Design Guide to modify this Bulk Email Template. Then, select Save for future use and re-use. This new template will be available for selection when sending your next Bulk Email (DMS Mail).

Save your New Template