Adding a Single Recurring Contribution

Donor Management System

When adding or modifying an offline Contribution in the DMS, you can mark these as recurring Contributions. As a reminder, offline Contributions refer to donations not coming from CanadaHelps (e.g., cash, cheques, EFTs, or in kind gifts).


Simply marking an offline Contribution as Recurring will not automate multiple recurring Contributions in your DMS. Each recurring Contribution will need to be added manually in your DMS as a unique Contribution.

In other words, if John Doe sends your charity cheques once a month for one year, you'll need to manually record 12 separate offline Contributions (one for each monthly cheque).

Adding an Offline Recurring Contribution

1. Visit the Contributions tab

2. Select Add Contribution on the top right corner of the screen

Add Contribution

3. Fill out all the relevant fields on the add New Contribution page.

4. Expand the Contribution Details section, and check the Mark Contribution as Recurring box. Then, Save your new recurring offline Contribution.

Mark Contribution as Recurring

Reminder: each recurring Contribution received will have to be manually added to the DMS separately. 

5. Any recurring offline Contributions will be noted as Recurring or Recurring Payment in the Contributions Tab and Contribution Details.

Contributions tab> Recurring Contributions