How to Issue Tax Receipts for Couples

Donor Management System

If you want to recognize a couple on a Tax Receipt, you can:

  1. Add each person as Individual Contacts,
  2. Associate them with a Household Contact, and
  3. Issue the Tax Receipt for the Household.


Before adding contributions to a Household, consider adding it to an Individual contact.

Two Contacts can only be merged if they are the same Contact Type. We recommend adding new Contacts as Individuals in order to successfully merge them with existing Individuals and retain contribution data as needed.


Let’s say you are trying to issue a single Tax Receipt for the fictional couple Michael Scott and Holly Flax:

1. Add Michael and Holly each as Individual Contacts

2. Create Relationship links between Holly and Michael

  • If you want to refer to them as “partners”, you should add a “Partner of” Relationship link on both Holly and Michael‘s Profiles.
  • Or you can add a “Husband of” Relationship on Michael‘s Profile and “Wife of” Relationship on Holly‘s Profile.

3. Add a new Household Contact named “Holly Flax & Michael Scott Household” or similar. The Household name will show up on the Tax Receipt

  • Add a main Billing Address to the Household so you can issue Tax Receipts to it.

4. Create Relationships between Holly and Michael + the “Holly Flax & Michael Scott” Household

  • As an example, Holly Flax will be a “Household Member of” Holly Flax & Michael Scott Household.

5. Add your Contribution under the Household

6. Issue your Tax Receipt

  • Before emailing/printing the Receipt, it’s advisable to run it as a Preview so you can see exactly how it will be issued.

7. To send the Receipt via email, include the desired email address on the Household Contact Profile.

Note: Creating Relationship links between Contacts is not necessarily mandatory, but we highly recommend doing it as a best practice to better segment and filter your Contacts’ information.