Navigating a DMS Mail Report

Donor Management System

Once you’ve sent out a DMS Mail (Bulk Email ) to your Contacts, you can view detailed reports about the mailing's performance.

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Viewing Your DMS Mail Reports

a) Through the DMS Mail Tab

1. Visit your DMS Mail tab

DMS Mail tab

b) Through your administrative Settings

1. Visit your Administrative Settings.

2. Under DMS Mail, select Draft, Schedule, and Manage DMS Mails.

Settings > Draft, Schedule, and Manage Emails

3. You will then see a list of all of your Mailings. Select Report beside the mailing in which you wish to view a report.

DMS Mailing reports

4. On the next page, you will see the contents of the bulk DMS Mail Report:

  • Delivery Summary: provides an overview of the mailing’s delivery performance.
  • Intended Recipients: lists any DMS Groups to which the mailing was sent.
    • Note: The list of intended recipients may be shorter than expected, in comparison to your Bulk Email Group. If an email address is associated with more than one Contact profile, the DMS will send only one copy to one of these duplicate email addresses. If a Contact is marked as "NO BULK EMAILS", the Contact will be removed from the intended recipients.

  • Click-through Summary: details the mailing’s click-through rates.
  • Content / Components: allows you to view and edit the various components of your mailing.
  • Mailing Settings: view the basic information relating to your mailing.
Mailing Report

5. Select Advanced Search to view each Contact that fits the criteria. For example, you can view a list of every email recipient who opened the mailing, and you can perform further Actions on the group (i.e. create a sub-group).

Advanced Search your Bulk Email Report to view each Contact that received the email, opened it, unsubscribed, etc.